T'Challa The Parrot

The newest addition to the Samuels Family and now you can take a piece of him home with you!!! T'Challa Samuels is your favorite African Grey Parrot!

T'Challa Samuels

T'Challa- The Unofficial Cast Member

Fun Facts About T'Challa

T'Challa was born on April 5, 2019. His name came from the love of the movie "Black Panther." His favorite fruits to eat are grapes and mangos. He loves to hang outside and observe other birds and squirrels. His mommy is currently training T'Challa how to poop on the potty! He made his first television debut on Bravo's "Real Housewives of Potomac" Season 5.

How Does T'Challa Relax?

T'Challa loves to sleep on one foot! We all know when he's about to take a nap when we see his foot tucked high. His favorite sleeping place is in his mommy's lap while she rubs his head. He flies to his cage almost every night at 8pm on the dot to go to bed. He spends his whole day cage free but enjoys his quiet time there for nighttime rest. 

Chase & T'Challa are close in age!

What began as competition, turned in to brotherly love. Chase and T'Challa are only a few months apart in age. When T'Challa first arrived and joined the Samuels family, Chase would yell for mommy if T'Challa was perched on her shoulder and T'Challa would fly to mommy if she was carrying Chase! After months of competing for mommy's attention, they have now developed a loving relationship of their own. T'Challa loves to "borrow" Chase's toys as he plays with them, and Chase loves to make loud sounds for T'Challa to mimic.